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LiftMaster 3850 ¾ HP DC Motor Belt Drive Opener

There are several kinds of openers that are available in the market today. One of the most eminent ones is LiftMaster 3850 Opener. You have landed on the right page if you have been looking for this one in Dallas, Texas. We offer all models including LiftMaster 3850 3/4 HP DC Motor Belt Drive (7FT PKG). Our professionals are a dab hand at LiftMaster 3850 Opener installation and specialize in the repairing and maintenance of this model as well. You can also contact Dallas Garage Door Experts anytime and we will fix any of the LiftMaster 3850 Opener parts such as battery and other similar things at cost-effective prices. Our experts follow the LiftMaster 3850 Opener manual all throughout to get you the desired results. The technicians of Dallas Garage Door Experts are forever ready to fix LiftMaster 3850 Opener in Dallas, Texas both 24/7 and all-round the year.

LiftMaster 3850 ¾ HP DC Motor Belt Drive Opener

Some Technical Features

LiftMaster 3850 is the only 3/4 HPS installed opener that has a fully-integrated standby power system. There are a lot of additional features that make this kind of an opener totally worth it. This garage door operator can complete 40 cycles within a 24-hour time span. This model has got the Good Housekeeping seal as it has horsepower similar to the one that other 3/4 HP LiftMaster garage door openers have. The auto-force feature controls the garage door system and changes forces to temperature variations, floor height, and door track movement. This opener lets you program the password codes electronically. It has a longer life and offers a hassle-free performance if you lubricate it timely. A power cord connected to a power source facilitates the functioning of this machine. Last but not the least, it fulfills all the UL325 requirements.

How It Functions

The best part about this opener is that it has an audible signal that prompts you when power goes out and the battery backup starts to be used. Plus, the battery gets recharged on its own once the power is back. The safety and security features are always kept in place to ensure that your family and property remain protected when there is a power failure. Our experts also see to it that the opener has a smooth start and smooth stop to reduce the noise that the machine makes while it is in use. This proves to be beneficial when your living room or bedroom is close to the garage area. The safety sensors send out an invisible light beam across the garage door opening and reverse the door automatically if something comes in between the ground and the door. Another feature of the sensing technology is that it stops the door from closing if any person or object comes in between. The rolling code technology ensures that your opener creates and sends a new code each time you use the remote. If the system's infrared beam is broken, opener lights turn on to highlight this issue. You can also handle the equipment manually in case of a power failure.

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