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LiftMaster 3840 ¾ HP Drive Garage Door Opener Dallas TX

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Have you been trying to find someone who can enlighten you on LiftMaster 3840 ¾ HP Drive Garage Door Opener in Dallas, Texas? Thank your lucky stars as you have finally come to the right place and need not go anywhere else. Our garage door opener repair can take care of all your problems. We will provide you with sufficient information on this particular opener model from LiftMaster that shall help you decide whether you should actually go for it or not. We have mastery over LiftMaster 3840 ¾ HP Drive Garage Door Opener Installation and largely because our technicians fully adhere to LiftMaster 3840 ¾ HP Drive Garage Door Opener manual when they install this opener for any client. Other than this, we repair and replace LiftMaster garage door opener parts such as battery and other similar things.

LiftMaster 3840 ¾ HP Drive Garage Door Opener

Key Features

LiftMaster 3840 ¾ HP Drive Garage Door Opener boasts of a powerful battery backup that allows the opener to complete as many as 40 cycles in 24 hours in case of a power outage. Here we have highlighted some of other notable features of LiftMaster 3840:

  • The protector system - Its USP is its invisible light beam. The door reverses automatically when the beam experiences any interruption while the door is going down.
  • Sensor Technology - It immediately deters the door from closing when it comes in contact with a person or object.
  • Opener Light - It turns on automatically when the infrared beam of the Protector System is broken.
  • Security with Rolling Code Technology - It generates a new code each time you use the Clickers control.
  • Manual Release Handle - It comes into effect in case of a power failure.
  • Patented PosiLock System - It helps ensure that the door remains locked when the garage door is shut.

More on LiftMaster 3840

The auto-force feature in this device continuously monitors the garage door system. Also, it adjusts forces to temperature fluctuations, door track movement, and floor height. We introduce ourselves as Dallas Garage Door Experts. We are into providing garage door services to homeowners in Dallas. Some of these services include: garage door installation, garage door repair, garage door replacement and inspection, etc. The Smart Garage Door Opener allows you to set the security codes electronically from the power head. The gear case in it offers lubrication and protection to ensure smooth operation. A 6-foot power cord helps streamline the connection to the power source. It emits 200 watts of light with adjustable light time delay.

You can contact us anytime for any help regarding LiftMaster 3840 openers and we will tend to your need as swiftly as we can.