To begin with, garage doors are, by nature, heavy. Therefore, you do not expect the door to be light. Whether you have installed a door made from light material like aluminum or something heavy such as steel, you will end up with a heavy door. To counter the effects of weight, we install high torsion springs. We also recommend having an electric powered garage door opener. With these in place, you will hardly notice how heavy your door is.

Torsion spring breakage – cause for heavy garage doors

Nonetheless, there are times when you notice that your garage door feels heavier than its actual design needs to be. This is normally due to a breakage of one or both torsion springs. Alternatively, the springs might be intact, but lose their force. This happens all the time. Whenever you notice such signs, call Dallas Garage Door Experts immediately. We are always available to attend to both urgent and less urgent garage door repair matters.

Stripped opener gears – another cause

Another thing that causes garage doors to be so heavy is present in the opener. Remember that your garage door opener runs the mechanism that helps you close or open the door. Problems with the gear system can result in a malfunction. We recommend that you plan for garage door maintenance at least once every year. You can sign up for our maintenance service. We will check your door even when you do not remember that it is due for check-up.

Operating on low lubrication

Machines need lubrication to enable them work smoothly. It also minimizes wear and tear. If there is little or no lubrication on the tracks and rollers, your door will become too difficult to operate. This will spread to other areas such as the opener. It will be forced to work extra hard. Poor lubrication also affects spring torsion.

The tell-tale sign is that your door makes some squeaking noises every time you operate it. Our highly trained technicians can solve this problem by adding more lubricant to the problematic area. We use high quality lubricant that lasts long.