Is your garage door opener having some problem when it comes to opening? Actually, this could be a result of mechanical problems emanating from the malfunction of some parts. On the other hand, the issue could be caused by motor that does not work effectively as required. When you are faced with such situation, it would be critical to examine the issue yourself first. If you cannot handle it, the next step you can take is to seek the garage door repair services of a technical expert who can help you solve the problem.

What are the top 10 reasons why the garage door opener could not be working?

1. Tracks are not well aligned

This issue can pose a serious problem to your garage door opener. This is because the metal tracks that the door requires to run along will be out of alignment. Actually, this malfunction can be caused by excessive weight of the door which may in turn make the rails to bend or even leave some gaps in between the rollers.

2. Breakage of the springs

One thing that you need to understand is that the springs can be affected by wear and tear once they have exhausted their cycles. The springs which can either be extension springs or torsion springs may become ineffective once they break thus the motor cannot lift them. This would ultimately require you to seek for garage door spring repair services.

3. Automatic garage door opener functioning but the door remains unmoved 

There are some instances (especially when power fails) where you can be required to manually open the garage door using the disconnect switch. This switch which is mostly fixed to a knob can detach itself thus making the garage door opener not function efficiently. Through reattaching it and ensuring proper garage door maintenance, this would help solve the problem.

4. Problem related to the lock handle

Locks are meant to keep your door safe and secure. Once the lock is tampered, this may affect its ability to automatically operate. Thus it is critical to ensure that you open your garage door once the lock had disengage itself from the door.

5. Transmitter batteries could be out of power

Sometimes the problems that you are experiencing on your garage door opener could be emanating from transmitter. Once the batteries have been exhausted, the transmitter may not effectively operate. To solve this issue, you can regularly check on batteries and replace them once they are used up.

6. Interfering signals of frequency of your remote

In some instance, you will notice that there are some changes in interfering signals; where your remote cannot detect them from a particular distance as it earlier did. This will prompt you to identify the source of interference in order to fix the problem.

7. Improper alignment of the photo eye

Photo eyes contain a beam which can result to the door not closing once it is broken. During garage door repair or  installation, it is important to ensure that photo eyes are aligned properly and well spaced to avoid dirt accumulating in between.

8. The gear could be stripped

This case occurs where there is too much weight imposed on the garage door. This makes it hard for the garage door opener to work as you will find yourself using excessive force. You can opt to replace the gears or adjust the openers.

9. Broken cables

Cables are known to operate from the bottom of the garage door to the top. Broken cables which connect the tension springs can lead to your garage door closing faster than usual resulting to a bang. This may need the services of a specialist to replace such cables.

10. Build up of particles (debris)

Apparently, debris that is located on the tracks of your garage door may impose some problem to your garage door opener which may affect the rollers from moving. You may find the garage door closing part way and then opening again.

To ensure the safety of your garage door, it would be important to consider that your garage door opener is efficiently operating. This is through undertaking a proper garage door installation and consistent garage door maintenance.