The garage door not only covers the biggest entryway of your house, it is also your entire property’s main moving object. Therefore, it is imperative to take care of the door as best as you can. The following 10 residential garage door repair service tips will ensure that you can fix any issue before it turns into a major problem.

  1. Always look and listen

While using the garage door, it is imperative to look and listen to what is actually happening. Is the door making any noise such as scraping, grinding or scratching? Is it moving effortlessly without jolting along the way? One can avoid any major problem in the tracks in case he is vigilant.

  1. Test the balance

If the garage door is not properly balanced, it can result in significant problems. You should disconnect the garage door opener through the release handle in order to fix this sort of problem associated with the door’s balance. Next you should manually move this door along its tracks and even after this if it is not locked in place this implies that the counterweight system is not properly balanced. If this is the situation, then you must take the garage door services of a professional.

  1. Address loose hardware

An average homeowner usually sees his garage door go up and down at least 1000 times every year. This is usually accompanied with all sorts of vibration. There is every chance for the door’s hardware to become loosened while this happens. Therefore, it is time for you to look over the bolts and the brackets and also make use of the socket wrench whenever required.

  1. Inspect the rollers

The garage door rollers are usually made of steel or nylon and they should be replaced immediately in case they have become worn out.

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  1. Replace the weather stripping

A typical garage door will not be able to function properly without the help of a weather stripping. Consequently, it is prudent to monitor the weather stripping and also replace it as soon as it begins to wear out or crack.

  1. Inspect the cables

Your garage door depends a lot on the high tension cables and, therefore, you must not mess around with them. Instead, during garage door inspection make it a point to check whether the cable is broken or damaged and if it happens so, take the help of a specialist.

  1. Add lubrication

One important way to ensure that your garage door is working perfectly is to lubricate its moving parts. As a matter of fact, it takes only a few minutes to add lubrication to the garage door components.

  1. Clear the tracks

Sometimes small debris can create lots of issues by getting in the way of the garage door tracks and, therefore, it is prudent to get rid of the debris whenever you observe them. However, if you are unable to fix the problem on your own, do not hesitate to call an expert technician.

  1. Clean the garage door

Cleaning the garage door on a regular basis will not only enhance the appeal of your house, but it will also increase the longevity of the door. You can purchase an all-purpose cleaner and while cleaning your car, you may also devote some time for cleaning the garage door.

10. Test the auto-reverse features

All garage doors are made with a couple of auto-reverse features in order to function safely. These are photocell and mechanical. In case, your garage door does not have both of those features, make it a point to replace it immediately.