A garage door opener is a necessity that no one buys often. But when the moment for purchase finally comes, you will be spoilt for choice by the numerous options you face. Choosing the ideal garage door opener is important not only for your convenience but also for the value of your money. The right garage door also saves you the cost of frequent garage door opener repair. We at Dallas garage door repair esteem our customers and would like to offer proper guidelines on things to consider while choosing a garage door opener.

Type of Drive

When you install garage door, you choose between three main types of garage door opener drives:

Chain Drive Openers – These uses a chain to operate. They are the most purchased and the least expensive. They are extremely noisy and might not be convenient for a garage door that’s adjacent to a room where quietness is appreciated. Alternatively, these drives notify you when the garage door is opened.

Belt Drive Openers – These make use of a rubber and deliver superior performance under quiet operation. This makes them ideal for garage doors close to living spaces. However, they are costlier than the rest.

Screw Drive Openers – Suitable for one-piece garage doors that tilt. They use a long strong metallic rod with screw-like threads. The units have very few moving parts and require effortless maintenance. They are rather easy to install and have relative quietness and cost.

The computer-controlled drive is a new option that saves on space. If your headroom is scarce, a Jackshaft opener is the right choice since it’s mounted on the wall.


The garage door opener should comfortably handle the door’s height and weight. So how much horsepower do you need? A conventional two-car garage door should work well with a horsepower opener. Huge and heavy doors such as carriage doors need a minimum of horsepower. Standard units support two 60-watt bulbs but in case your garage needs plenty of light, go for models that utilise 100-watt bulbs or equivalent LED bulbs.

Garage Door Measurements

Measurements of your garage door enable you to determine its size and weight. This is crucial in choosing the ideal opener that will function effectively on your garage door. The standard height of most garage doors is seven feet and the standard garage door opener encompasses doors with heights of up to 6-inches taller. Any door beyond this height will require an extension kit.




All garage door openers now come with a reversing mechanism. This feature utilises beam lenses to avoid crushing of any object beneath the garage door. You should also consider the opener speed. The standard opener lifts the door at 7 inches per second but others can use twice this speed.

Opening Mechanism

Key less Entry Pad – This comes in handy in case you lock yourself outside the garage or prefer accessing it without a key.

Remote control – Single-buttoned remote controls operate only open one door. Those with multiple buttons can handle several doors.


After making your choice, you need an garage door Repair professional. You can utilise our garage door special offer available throughout the year. If you are still not sure of what considerations to make for your garage door opener, we are always glad to help you evaluate the best opener that suit you.