Your garage door is not of little use without springs. They take on the challenge of balancing the weight of the door when it is being opened or closed. Now, different springs have different properties, and not all will give you the same kind of results. The primary dilemma that homeowners face while picking out springs for their garage is whether they should select an extension or a torsion type.

Extension spring vs Torsion Spring

While extension springs are considered the more common of the two that is changing fast as home owners realize the long term cost efficiency and overall better performance of torsion springs. They are also relatively quieter and less bulky. While even one of these springs should suffice for the average home garage door, people also use more than one for better efficiency. They are more expensive than extension springs but last up to four times longer, making them more feasible even in terms of affordability. They work in more of a swirling motion as compared to extension springs that, as the name suggests, extend when the door is being operated.

Extension springs are placed on the tracts of the garage door and hold its weight up when you open the door. They are suitable for light home garage doors but not for heavy ones and definitely not for industrial level garage doors. As mentioned above, they extend when you need them to. If you choose these inexpensive option, you will have to install two on each side to support the weight of the door.

Broken garage door Spring

So, what do I go for?

When you look to replace a broken garage door spring or install brand new ones, you should consider factors such as the weight of the door, the typical weather conditions and your usability. If you have a simple light weight door and only take your car out once in a day, even extension springs can last for up to 10 years. But expecting them to function properly for the same length of time in case of heavy doors or doors that are used more often will not be sensible. Torsion spring will do you good in that case. Either way, you can always count on Dallas garage door experts to guide you with the best options and through the installation phase