If you have doubt that someone has the information about your garage door or accidentally you have lost your remote control then, for my opinion it is the time to change the opening code of your garage. There are two technologies that are use garage door. One is remote control which is old and other one is keypad system which is very in now a days. Newer garage are use both of these technology for security.If your garage door use only remote technology than you can change the code easily, just move the switch inside the garage door remote ? Below is a step by step procedure to change or reset the code of keypad of garage door as well as remote control door.

If you want to change the keypad code then the steps are

Take a ladder and place it below the motor unit which control the keypad setting, so you can reach the unit You will see a learn button on the left side of the motor press it and hold the press. When you see the light of the button has off it means your old password has removed from the memory of motor.
Now again push that button and when it’s light come back you can enter the new code on the keypad on the wall. When you see that motor light is blinking then you have changed your password and your motor unit has accepted it.One more time you need to enter the learn button. It will remove the blinking of the light and your light comes to the normal position. Now enter the button of you remote. Again motor unit light start to blink which means your remote has accepted the new setting of your keypad. If you have more than one remote than this step with all remotes You have successfully reset and changed the password of your garage door

And if you want to reset the remote control than

Remove the cover of remote of garage door. You will see switches inside the remote.Now move these switches to change the code.Now take a ladder and place it under the motor of the garage door, now change the code of motor by move its switches to match it with remote.

If you have more than one remote, repeat all these step with it.

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