Driving into and out of your garage can be challenging. That is why many home-owners have installed automatic garage door openers that will make it easier and more convenient when moving in and out of the garage.
But what if the automatic garage door opener circuit board breaks? If the garage door sticks while in motion or fails to open or close, Just like any other electronic device, the circuit board might need replacing.
The following is a step-by-step way of replacing your circuit board. Follow the simple steps and everything will be back to normal.
For this operation you will need a new circuit board, a step ladder, a screwdriver and a nut driver.
Step 1

Cut off the power supply to the garage door opener. This is a safety measure to prevent electrocution. Depending on the position of the circuit board, which is normally attached at an elevated position you will need to use a stepping ladder.
Step 2

Using your screwdriver, unscrew the front cover to expose the light bulb and the screws leading to the circuit board. Note: other covers are attached using tabs or clips that only require pressing so as to release the front cover. Place the cover on a secure position.
Step 3

Using your screwdriver, unscrew the light bulb from its socket. Place the bulb in a secure place. Then remove the screws attaching the back panel cover in behind the light bulb socket. After this you will now be able to access the garage door circuit board.

garage door opener curcit board replacement
Step 4

Pull out the wires. At this point in time you will be able to see wires attached to the circuit board. Usually they are color coded for easier re-attachment but of not you can use different color markers to label them so as to ensure they all go back to their correct positions. There will be clips hooking the wires. Press the clips down to release the wires.
Step 5

Remove the circuit board. At this point you will be able to see the main circuit board (green in color) and the power supply board. Using your screwdriver, carefully unscrew the circuit board from its housing and place the screws in a safe place. The screws are usually four, one on each corner depending on the product type or manufacturer. The circuit board is normally attached to the power supply board using pins so you will need to gently pull the circuit board
Step 6

Replace the faulty circuit board with the newly acquired one by inserting the pins to the power supply board. Remember this type of attachment to the power supply varies with different manufacturers. Once the board is in position, screw in securely the board and re-hook the wires to the tabs. Ensure everything was exactly where it was previously. Re-attach the light bulb into the socket and plug in the cover.
Step 7

Once all the pieces are re-attached into position, test the unit out. If all is well the garage door should now work properly.