There is nothing as annoying as a garage door that does not work. This is worse when you are running late for work or an important errand. When this happens, the faster you solve the problem, the better. The first thing that you should do when your garage door is not working is check for the obvious. The problem could be as simple as a tool stuck on the rollers or wall that is coming into contact with the door. Once you remove the tool and the door is still having problems, consider the following:

Garage door openers

A common challenge that our clients usually have is with the garage door opener. This part of the door is used often and sometimes, it can break down. The first thing that you should do when troubleshooting garage door openers is to check the situation of the garage door. If it is closed, pull the emergency release button. If the door does not open or close properly, the challenge may be the rollers or tracks. The springs may have a problem if the door falls down. When this happens, our experts are available to assist with fixing the door.

Garage door opener troubleshooting tips

Garage door opener troubleshooting tips are important so that you can understand how to handle the opener in case there are challenges. There are cases where the wall switch and wires of the door opener are the problem. We advise our clients to unscrew this switch and check whether the wires are connected. If the wires are connected and the opener does not work, the problem could be that there was a short circuit because the staples on the wire pinched it. You can always jump start the wires from the garage door opener terminal. If the switch works but the opener does not, you may need to contact a garage door expert to replace the opener.

Garage door torsion spring replacement

Garage door torsion spring replacement and replacing the tracks and roller movement is necessary when they are broken, worn out or if they are producing a squeaky sound. As experts, we recommend that you allow a professional to assist you during the installation and repair of the garage door, springs, tracks or rollers. This garage door is the heaviest moving object in your home.

Proper installation is important so that your home is well protected from accidents. The springs must be connected properly so that the door can perform well. It is, therefore, important to consider our assistance when you are having challenges with your garage door.