It is imperative for home owners to examine regularly whether their garage doors are properly balanced to evade mechanical issues that could result from lack of proper maintenance. Since we use garage door many times a day, it is prudent to check that the garage doors are in good condition in order see if it has any issues because as years go by it becomes heavier and this could cause damage to the garage door opener. In most cases, the path that exists between floor and doors causes friction whenever the garage door opens. This situation will enable you to know that the door is not in proper balance. There are few strategies on how to identify unbalanced doors. A simple garage door inspection can help achieve this.

a) Close your garage door

Close the garage door is the first thing done. Carefully check if there is any space or friction mark left between the garage door and the floor. If the garage door has space and a friction mark, this means that the door is not well balanced. This procedure is the most important step to answer the question of how to know if my door is balanced properly or not.

b) Detach the garage door from the opener

Close the door for the garage and pull the garage door up and leave it in that position. If the door for the garage fails to remain in place, then it is with no doubt that no professionalism was implemented in your garage door repair or  installation because the springs are not at equilibrium. If this is your case, seek a garage door installation-replacement service from professionals like us. It always a good idea to involve professionals in such a situation since they have the knowledge and skills to provide solutions to the problem.

c) Open and close the garage door

After detaching the garage door from the opener, carefully open then slowly close the garage door and consider if there is any scrunch or jangle sound. If so, use a lubricating oil to lubricate all the moving parts . If the issue persists after doing this consult us to do a garage door repair for you.

d) Connect the door and garage door opener

If everything is good, feel relieved and re-connect to see it it works well.
How to know if my garage door is balanced or not, is a mind-boggling question that we have taken the courtesy to answer and make it comprehensive to anyone faced with a garage door imbalance. For this reason, we are happy that many of our esteemed clients will have knowledge on how they can detect whether their garage doors are aligned correctly on not.

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