Believe it or not, but your garage entryway could actually be costing you money every day if it’s not insulated. The heat and air that you use to cool down and warm up your home could be trickling out through your door, causing your air conditioner and heater to spend more energy to keep a constant temperature in your home. Think of how much hot and cool air you use by leaving the doors of your home open, now think of how much more you lose by leaving your door open. You don’t know just how much money could be trickling out of your garage door along with heat and air.

The Insulated garage doors Dallas,TX are constructed with a double layer of steel along with insulation between both layers. Insulated doors are much thicker than their un-insulated counterparts and can be insulated according to your personal preferences. The higher the “R-value” of your garage door, the higher quality of insulation that it will have in addition to the higher the price. If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that you can purchase doors that have environmentally-friendly insulation made from polystyrene that is free of HFC and CFC. One advantage of insulated garage doors is that they aren’t as noisy as un-insulated doors and are much more resistant to damage.

Garage Door Considerations

If you live in a location where the temperature hardly drops below 45 degrees or rises above 70 degrees, then you’ll probably be fine with an un-insulated garage door. Garages in all other climates will benefit from an insulated door. You’ll also be okay with a non-insulated door if your garage isn’t attached to your home. The only exception would be if you like to work or relax a lot inside of your garage you then might benefit from an insulated garage door service in addition to a heater, garage door services like garage door spring repair, garage door opener repair and other garage door parts


Bear in mind that an insulated garage entryways will be significantly more expensive than a non-insulated door, but it could be worth it since you’ll more than likely save more money on your energy bill. An insulated door just might pay for itself in the long run. A majority of garage door repair companies will charge you roughly a thousand dollars to install a two-car insulated door that has a 7 R-value.

Some homeowners feel that having an insulated garage door is a waste of money, but it could actually add to the value of your home if you decide to sell it in the future.

Although insulated overhead doors can impact heating bills, you can take other steps to improve energy efficiency throughout your home as well.Keep your garage door closed throughout the year to block unwanted cold or hot air from continuously entering the structure and making adjacent areas colder or warmer.

Insulate the walls and ceilings of the garage, which will not only keep the inside rooms warmer, but also make the area more usable as a workshop or hobby space.

Adding a new insulated garage door to your home can increase curb appeal, offer energy efficiency benefits and increase the resale value of your house.