Every garage door comes with a bypass. This helps you open the door manually. The bypass function comes in handy when you are experiencing a power failure. In some cases, such as when you have misplaced or lost your remote, this could be the only option available. After power restoration, you are supposed to lock the bypass function. This restores the door to its automatic operation.

Other than the prospect of operating your garage door manually, handling the opening and closing of the door is easy. Opening or closing a garage door with a remote does not require much effort. All you have to do is press the right buttons. The door slides up or down accordingly. Here’s a guide on operating the door when your remote is nowhere near or there’s a power outage in that region of Dallas where you reside:

  • If your door has additional secure features such as latches and locks, open them. In a nutshell, release all locking mechanism that secures the door. Most of these are on the outside. Do the same to locks found on the interior side. Common garage door locks are usually those found on the sides or at the bottom. Whichever type is on your door, open them.
  • Locate the opening string on the slider. Pull it down to unhook the automatic screw. At this juncture, your door is no longer automatically operated. You will notice that the door now moves back and forth.
  • Position yourself at the garage door’s center. Pull it up by the handle until it gets waist-high. Using a curling motion, continue lifting with both hands. Once the door reaches shoulder-height, you must turn your wrists in a manner that enables you push the door to its fully open position.
  • Before attempting to operate your door, always make sure that your kids are nowhere near the garage. Keep your pets away too. A garage door is a heavy piece of equipment. Anything can happen and trigger the door to fall into a closing position. That would be a recipe for disaster.
  • If your door is the overhead type, then it means you have to pull it upwards and downwards for it to open or close. Other types of garage doors slide sideways and back. You might also have a sectional door where each section moves one piece at a time.