The design of your garage door opener remote is such that it enables you to hold it in your palm. It is small enough to fit in a keychain. It can also squeeze in the pouch on your car’s window visor. A remote device such as this one brings convenience to your daily life. It is what eases the opening and closing of your garage door without having to step out the car.

Clearly, a garage door remote helps you avoid the rain, wind, and biting cold. Imagine feeling all warm and cozy in your car only to have a garage door spoil all that. Surprisingly, garage door remotes do fail to work. In worst case scenarios, you could lose the remote or misplace it. At times, you may have to replace the gadget entirely. Fortunately, it is not a costly device.

Dallas garage door installers can get you a quick replacement. In any case, they could be the same people who supplied the garage door opener complete with remote keys. In such a case, you can request for delivery of a remote to your place of work or residence. If the company’s offices are located nearby, you can even drive there anytime and get a new key.

All the same, the following tips will come in handy:

  • Your remote opener’s batteries could be the problem. Request the company that maintains and inspects your garage door whether it stocks such accessories. If not, it will guide you on where to buy them. Dispose the old batteries, fit new ones, and proceed to enjoy the convenience you previously had.
  • In case of total damage, never mind. Note the brand, model, and serial number on your remote. This information is normally on a sticker stuck on your remote. Some manufacturers print it on the plastic casing. Give this information to a garage door installer and you will get a new device in an instant.
  • Reset your remote control gadget. Remove the batteries and put them back after about 30 seconds or so. Try using it now; it should work.
  • Wipe the remote control’s eye. There could be some dirt obstructing communication between the remote and receiver.