The safety of your home should take first priority. It would be disheartening for you or a member of the family to pick an injury at home. Garage doors are meant to serve a useful purpose – that of securing your garage. However, a few let-ups here and there could compromise your safety. At Dallas Garage Door Experts, we always emphasize on the safe handling of garage doors. It is for this reason that we offer garage door inspection services to our customers.

What a visual inspection entails?

You would not believe how much a visual inspection visit reveals about your garage door. Under the trained eyes of our technicians, we can pick a host of maintenance issues. We are able to tell when your door is out of balance. Our team carefully observes problematic areas such as rollers, tracks, openers, springs, and cables. If we find anything that is amiss, we will let you know immediately.

Scrutiny like no other

Visual garage door inspections may seem like ordinary maintenance visits. However, there’s more than that meets the eye. We know that garage door parts such as pulleys, rollers, cables, and springs wear out after some time. During our inspection visit, technicians will check for signs such as rust and thinning out of lubrication fluid. Our team will put more lubricant and make replacements for parts that have totally worn out.


Everyone in the industry will tell you to be careful with garage door springs. During installation and inspection work, Dallas Garage Door Experts try to enhance safety on this area. We check to ascertain that there is a restraining cable on every spring. The cable serves the purpose of containing the spring in the event that it breaks and you happen to be standing nearby.

Door reversal

It is now entrenched in Federal law that every garage door installed must have a reverse feature. Our company is fully compliant. As a matter of fact, this is one of the things we check during visual inspection visits.