Garage doors openers are among the long lasting openers of our doors. This comes about after many years of provision of hassle-free service in opening our doors. However, with time they break down and need to be repaired to make them work again. The following are the ways the garage door experts are used to repair the garage door openers when they stop working.

Replace the wall switch and wire.


This is done when the wall switch or the wires are bad. This can be determined by unscrewing the switch from the wall and touching the two wires together. The bad switch is known when the opener runs and the older-model opener which is a cheap doorbell button might work. The newer opener with light with light and a locking option is the best design for you to buy.

One can also use a small wire and jump the two same wires at the terminal if the opener does not run when you touch the wires at the opener. The wire that connects the opener is bad when the opener runs.

Replace batteries or buy new remote service.

This is another thing that needs to be done if the wall switch is working while the remote does not. The problem can be within the batteries and if after you have checked there is still nothing then a new remote is needed. These remote models are found in various home centers and one can find wide selection online.

A universal remote or a new receiver can installed of you cannot find one for your garage door opener. This receiver replaces the radio frequency that it uses with its own and has additional bonus which automatically update the older openers with the new technology. This helps you to avoid thieves from stealing your code.

Replace the safety center.


The safety sensors should be in alignment when the door goes up and down only when you hold down the wall switch. The door sensors should be lit up with small light when nothing is in between them and when the light is not showing at all they should be replaced.

Replace the circuit board. 

The bad circuit board is seen in those that have power outlets and no sound or light is produced when you push the wall switch and remote. The causative agent for this problem is the lightning strike which causes the demise of the circuit board. The replacement of the circuit is very scary but very easy. It is done through removing the light cover, taking out the light bulb, disconnecting the switch and safety sensors while removing a few screws and unplugging the board.

Replace the light socket.

This another step that is taken to replace the bad light socket which done by removing the circuit board. The two wire connection in the circuit board are removed and new socket is installed after popping out the old socket by depressing the clip that holds it in place. The bulb also should be of correct wattage to avoid those that are of hire wattage than what the socket is rated causing socket failure.

These are the five things that Garage Door Repair  Experts apply when the garage door opener stops working.