Garage door openers, just like every other component of a home, are susceptible to various problems which require inspections and repairs from time to time Some of these issues may be successfully and conveniently carried out by the home owner. Quite a number though, are too risky and complicated to the average home owner. They are therefore ideally carried out by qualified technicians or by a competent garage door opener repair and installation company.

The following discussion endeavour to identify and explain such issues with the aim of enlightening the home owners of the dangers of attempting to rectify such issues on their own and the significance of approaching only qualified companies or technicians:
Faulty Garage Door Remote
This refers to the failure of the garage door to open even after pressing the right keys on the remote control unit. This could be brought about by a faulty remote circuit board, antennae, keypads or dead batteries.
Faulty Wall Switch
It is pretty similar to the faulty remote control unit as discussed above, the only difference here being that the wall switch is the one that has a faulty circuit board, antennae, or keypads.
Faulty Sensors
Sensors are the mechanisms by which the garage door opener detects any signals originating from a remote control unit. It basically comprises an antennae as well as an appropriate signal transmission frequency. In case the remote control unit and the wall switch are both in a perfect working condition yet the door fails to open after being prompted, the most likely explanation could be faulty sensors.

Bowed Rail/Travel
The rails or the travels are the special pathways along which the wheels of the garage door move about in order to open or close the garage door. They may bow as a result of increase in temperature or external interference. This may compromise the smooth opening and closing of the garage door.
Loose Tension Springs
Tension springs do counterbalance the weights of the garage doors and by so doing ensure their uniform opening and closing besides avoiding injuries to the persons carrying out the tasks of opening or closing them. They may get loose as a result of corrosion, external damages, or due to wear and tear. When this happens, the garage doors open irregularly and may also injure people.
Faulty Gear Drive
The gear drive is the component of the garage door opener which transmits the torque (rotational force) from the motor to the garage door wheels. They may be faulty by reasons of the elements of wear and tear or by external agents. This may also adversely compromise their capacity to discharge their duties effectively.

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