Lift master Introduction

Lift master is one of the premier manufacturers of garage door openers for the residential market. They come under a number of Brand names and offer the following model types:

Chain Drive

Belt Drive

Screw Drive

Wall Mounted units.

The above drive types all have their particular advantages, and the one you choose will be dependent upon personal preference.



A garage door opener installation is should be handled by the experts. In the Dallas area, call on Dallas Garage Door Experts to make sure the garage door installation is done safely and done right. With respect to troubleshooting the Liftmaster, the problems that may arise cross the manufacturer divide. That is to suggest, most problems you can find typical with any make of garage door opener.


Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting the Lift master

Many of the problems associated with your garage door opener repairs required are common and can be described as follows:

Electrical Problems may be as a result of a tripped breaker, a tripped electrical switch or no power getting to the electrical plug that serves the unit. This should be fairly easy to self-diagnose, but beyond a basic electrical problem, any repairs should be left to the professionals at Dallas Garage Door Experts.


Broken Drive: which should be obvious and this may be a garage door opener repair that you wish to leave to the experts at Dallas Garage Door Experts.


Remote Does Not Work could be as simple as replacing a battery, or the units may be locked down. Following the manual, one should be able to diagnose this issue and repair adequately. Sensors Do Not Work could mean they are simply out of alignment. Adjustment is a job that one should be able diagnoses and repair quickly by ensuring the sensor signal is hitting the unit on the other side of the garage door. If the sensor LED does not come on, then the problem could be a faulty wire to the sensor or a faulty sensor. Close inspection should allow one to narrow down the problem.

Broken spring :This should be evident and this garage door opener repair should be done by the Dallas Garage Door Experts due to the safety issues surrounding a replacement.

Motherboard Problems are more difficult to diagnose and may require the service of the Dallas Garage Door Experts. Some have suggested that with a motherboard problem it may be less expensive to replace the whole motor unit. This would be similar in nature to a garage door opener installation project and should be handled by the Dallas Garage Door Experts


What Can Go Wrong


What can go wrong, over the life of your garage door opener, will probably go wrong. The problems are not unique to any one type of garage door opener or any manufacturer. The good folks at the Dallas Garage Door Experts are familiar with all the manufacturer units. They can quickly and efficiently help you diagnose your problems and carry out repairs quickly with their one-hour response service so that you can be up and running in as little time as possible.


Undertaking a garage door opener installation or a garage door opener repair, takes special skills and expertise, in most cases, to ensure the job is done correctly and safely. In this article, we have outlined a few of the garage door repairs that the homeowner may wish to try on their own, but most should be left to the Dallas Garage Door Experts.