Dallas Garage Door Experts is an all shop garage door service company that offers a range of services to home owners with some of the services offered being garage door opener repair, garage door installation and general garage door repair. We also sell different types of doors and have special offers for our clients. In addition to the direct services relating to the sell, repair and installation of garage doors, Dallas Garage Door Experts also offers various consultancy services related to purchasing, installation and purchasing of garage doors.

There are various issues that our clients have raised over the years and one of the most common issues relates to garage door opener installation estimate cost Dallas. One of the first things to consider when addressing the issue of garage door repair or installation cost is the type of opener one is wishing to install. There are various types of openers available in the market with some of the most common types being screw-drive, chain drive and belt drive with each having its own unique cost of installation.

A more precise analysis of garage door opener installation cost involves first and fore most ascertaining the cost related to the opener type. Starting with screw-drives,the cost for this type varies between $150 to around $270. The second opener types which are the chain drives cost between $130 to $180 and finally, the belt drives which are the quietest of all the three opener types will set you back between $170 to $350 depending on which shop you purchase you opener from.

In addition to the purchasing cost, another aspect that should be considered when estimating the cost of garage door openers is additional cost relating to the functionalities of each. For instance, remote control functionality is increasingly becoming a must-have functionality for most modern day garage door openers. Remote control functionality enables easy and hassle free access to the garage door and enhances the overall security of your garage. In addition to remote functionality, another important feature is garage door opener lighting. This feature enables the opener to light whenever the opener is activated and is an important security feature. Features such as remote control functionality and lighting are responsible for the upper estimated costs of the various garage door opener types.

All in all, there are various things to consider when it comes to estimating opener installation cost with the first aspect being whether you need to install or repair  garage door openers or replace the ones that are already being used. Secondly, it is important to consider the garage door type for your home since some openers function better with specific types of doors. Finally, it is also important to consider the additional functionality of your garage door. As earlier noted some of the additional functionalities that might come with the openers include remote control and opener lighting. In addition to those two, openers can also feature wireless external keypad and deluxe function control. All these functionalities go towards determining the cost of installing your garage door opener.