Garage Door Repair Dallas is among the most experienced garage door contractors in new haven with decades of experience in the sector. Garage Door Repair Dallas is equipped to provide all garage doors services. They utilize latest technology to sort out all problems in your garage doors. Find our new haven garage doors professionals who have the specialization in complete garage door installation, maintenance, repair, replacement and servicing.

Our Team

Our very dedicated team of professional personnel are the main strength of our company and they aid us as we climb the tough steps of success. The team includes different experts in the area of garage door repair with huge experience that enables them overcome all challenges that arise in the course of their work. Every member of the team is indispensable and the design work would not be complete without them contributing.


You can therefore trust Garage Doors Repair Dallas, the industry leaders in garage door services to do following;

Maintenance services-We have enough equipment to provide all garage door maintenance. We have the belief in offering the greatest service to clients by aiding them in evaluation of their garage door requirements to ensure that the doors always function properly.

Inspection services-Doors should normally operate smoothly all the time although they do fail sometimes. New haven garage doors offers full inspection service to ward off any frustrations that come with door failure. Inspection helps to reveal any hidden door issues

Repair services-We have years of experience in repairing old garage doors and worn out door components. We repair all door parts including hinges, door drums, rollers, and door drums, bent tracks, worn out cables, door remotes and accessories as well as overhead garage doors.

Installation services-We install doors which are very durable and are tailor-fit to the homeowners’ personal needs. We start the process with onsite consultations with clients to make sure they attain optimum convenience. We thereafter discuss the doors’ designs and additional customized features. We then aid you in selecting from our wide array of brands and styles.

Garage doors

We provide high quality and sturdy doors that are durable and hassle-free. We provide first class garage doors for all makes and models. Our garage door have a multitude of materials and colors.

Commitment to our clients.

We are devoted to investing enough attention, effort and time to achieving our clients’ desired results. This is due to the level of commitment, attention to detail and service we put into our projects which has kept us miles ahead of our competitors.

We made a point of developing a special capacity of understanding the tastes and choices of our clients. With their close collaboration and partnership, we converted their dreams into reality by offering a unique and personal touch to our services. We offer value at great prices.

All our garage door services are provided at the most competitive prices in the industry. We strive to always stand behind the backs of our esteemed clients by offering them with high quality service all the time. Actually, you may never find another contractor that offers the same great quality at a very affordable price while making sure that they keep a close eye on their customer service.

Regular servicing of your door doesn’t only improve the doors’ safety, it also aids you to save lots of cash yearly that could have gone to garage door repair bills. In case you experience any issues with your door that necessitates being acted on immediately, don’t hesitate in contacting us.