Did you know that Garage door springs will let you know when they are about to reach the breaking point? If you know what to look for, this is true. Garage door spring does all the heavy lifting when it comes to a garage door and it is a puzzling problem for many.

This post will walk you through some of the causes why garage door springs break and the best cause action to avoid them.


The lifespan of the springs will entirely depend on how often the door is used and the number of cycles made. Garage door spring wears out over time. It is estimated that an average garage door spring will last up to a maximum of ten thousand cycles, one cycle equals to the door being opened and then closed. The garage door opener should also be regularly repaired so as to enhance security and prevent intruders.

Averagely, a garage door open and close 3 to 5 times a day, that’s amounts to 300 + time a year. At ten thousand cycles, there should last to approximately 6 to 10 years. An active family may exhaust the ten thousand much faster if there are kids in and out the garage to get their sporting equipment and bikes.


Just like human beings, when the temperatures drop we feel it in our bones, we move slower and get stiff. So does steel. Due to the cold weather at night, steel gets coiled under enormous pressure and this will increase its chances to break.


Rust build up increases friction on the moving spring. It also causes corrosive damage to steel hence causing an early torsion spring failure. Rust is mainly experienced in wetter climates.

Broken garage door Spring

Preventive Measures

– Garage Door Weather Seal Replacement

Rusty and worn out door weather seal should be replaced, this will enable you to keep heat in your garage and retain the cooled air.

- Cleaning Lubrication

The springs should regularly be lubricated, two or three months difference is okay. The lubricating agent used should be non-petroleum oil, a light silicon spray is recommended.

Washing the door exterior will increase its durability, avoid using high water washer sprayer. Use mild soap while cleaning.

- Checking proper operation

Manual operation of the door for the first one year is advised. Most problems go unnoticed when the garage is equipped with mechanical door opener.

– Regular check on the springs

You should be dedicated to having a regular check in the spring. An annual inspection by an expert will enable your door to work safely and smoothly for a longer period.

Garage door broken spring

Breakage to these springs may cause injury if caution is not taken. If your springs have been in use for a long time, instead of waiting for them to break, you should call an expert for their replacement.

- Relieving tension on the spring

You will find that there is tension every time the door swings, you should call an expert to help you on this.

- Lift Master Garage Door Opener Repair

The extension springs should be checked and maintained regularly, their primary purpose is to provide the lifting power. Breakage of the extension springs may pose a high risk of injuries

Garage door roller replacement

The rollers should be regularly repaired especially if rust have built on it. Regular replacement enhances the garage door life