According to garage door service professionals, there are several issues which can cause a garage door to stop working as a result prompting you to seek professional garage door repair service. In fact, majority of the causes of garage door malfunction according to repair specialists are very surprising. For instance, a mud dauber next growing right over the photo eye sensor, a tennis a ball that knocked the door off track amongst other things. Interesting thing is, all these issues can easily be dealt with before the end up stopping the garage door from working by simply carrying out routine garage doors maintenance. Although repair specialist agree that in some extreme cases, you may need to call in a professional, they also admit that most cases usually require knowing what is the problem and then going ahead to correct it by yourself

Below is an overview of some of the most common causes why garage doors stop working. They include:

Low power transmitter batteries 

The garage door transmitter requires power to operate. After a long period of continuous operation the power from the battery to the transmitter may run low causing the garage door to stop working as it should. The solution to this is making battery replacement immediately you notice that the garage door seems to be dragging when in operation.

Shifting of the photo eye out of alignment 

Most garage doors are designed with photo eyes on either side. Between the two eye is usually an invisible bean which when broken ends up stopping the door from closing. This being the case, if you notice that your garage door stops working, check the photo eyes just to make sure that they are not by any chance out of alignment or covered in dirt.

Out of alignment garage door track

The garage door track out of alignment is a major problem which should be addressed with the seriousness which it deserves. The metal track of your garage door should always be properly aligned in order for the door to move smoothly when in operation. Any gaps between the roller or bends along the rails while definitely stop the garage door from working. Another cause for the track to go out of alignment is the weight of the garage door continuously pounding over it during normal operation of the door.

garage door track


Failure of the garage door reverse mechanism 

Garage doors are usually fitted with reversing mechanisms which mainly serve to make sure that the door does not crushing any objects along their paths when in operation. In the case that the rollers fail to move forward the garage door on the other hand will most definitely fail to open. The solution to this is testing the reverse mechanism of your garage door on a regular basis particularly during routine maintenance.

 Breaking of the springs

Garage doors are usually very heavy. Contrary to what most people think, it is the garage door opener which does all the heavy lifting rather the springs. Just so you know, garage doors are designed with two torsion springs to provide support. This being the case, if any of the springs is broken, the garage door will definitely struggle to open. In the event that you notice that the springs of the garage door are broken, make sure you call in a professional garage door repair service provider since handling the garage door when the springs are broken is an extremely dangerous thing to do.

Broken garage door Spring

In addition to the above, another notable cause of garage door to stop working include: disconnection or accidental unhooking of the garage door from its power source.