Before calling in your professionals when you have problems with your remote control system, at Dallas Garage Door Experts; we are offering you some tips you can try when your remote refuses to work.

The garage door opener remote allows you to operate your garage door conveniently from the comfort of your car, so not having one can be a tad distressing. Try these simple ideas first, and if they do not work, call us immediately and we will help you fix it within the shortest time possible.

Remember first, that if you are too far away from the door opener, the remote will not work. You can run a few tests to find the ideal spot to stand on your driveway to elicit a response from your garage door opener.

  1. Batteries and battery contacts

Weak or dead batteries are the most common cause for remote failures. We recommend that you always use renowned brand batteries, which come with battery life figures. Have an extra set of batteries in your car or house.Rechargeable batteries are a good idea, but they only give off 2.4 volts a pair, rather than the 3 volts designed for the remote to operate on. This 25% deficit will strongly affect the effective working and operability range of your remote control unit.Also, ensure that the contacts inside the battery case are not worn, wet or dirty as this interferes with flow of current. If they have discolored or rusted, they will need cleaning and polishing using fine-grit sandpaper or fine steel wool.

2 Clean the eyes

Ensure proper cleaning of the plastic covering on the IR unit. This applies both to the remote control and to the receiving unit in the opener controller box. This will allow effective transmission and reception of the IR signal. Use a clean, soft and fluff-free damp cloth for cleaning. Do not rub against metallic parts or use abrasive fibers to prevent scratches. Once badly scratched, you may have no other choice, but to replace the remote control.

3 Reset the system

If you have tried all these and it still does not work, reboot the remote control system by taking out the batteries for about 30 seconds then replacing them. For the receiver on the controller box, unplug from power at the outlet for a similar amount of time, and then plug it in. Remote controls are essentially minute computers, and a reboot may help to correct the problem.Still facing a problem? Remember, Dallas Garage Door Experts are just a call (or a click) away! Simply connect with us and we shall do the rest.